Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Excellent weekend

This past weekend we had our annual family reunion up near my parents So I drove up to that Saturday morning Dad and I left early to go home and get ready to go to Indy to a race with a friend We had to get the tickets early so I had really been hoping that it wouldnt rain It LOOKED rainy all day long but it didnt rain :) The race was a lot of fun I didnt get back to Kentucky until about 2:30 a.m. but it was so worth it Here are a few pics

Family reunion in the park...
Head count: about 85

Volleyball is always a hit with the Lavys

Aunt Geneva and I posing for a pic

Dudley and I..and if you ask Dad, he is
considered a part of the family

Dad and I by the #9 hauler

Michael Waltrip, owner and driver, as well as Dad's favorite driver, hanging out before the race

Racing under the lights

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Driving Daringly

This is my favorite kind of weekend I only had plans to do one thing, and that was Saturday evening Sometimes I just like to spend a day or two all by myself Friday night I did a little bit of shopping then came home and fixed a pizza, all for myself :) I didnt eat it all, but it felt good to be able to know I could if I wanted too (ok, maybe thats a little weird but its true:)
I can sleep in on any day of the week, except Saturday Knowing that I dont have to work I just hate to sleep in too late, for fear of wasting a completely free day :) By 9:00 I was up and at 'em, as my mom used to say First I went to Starbucks and got a cheese danish and a Rasberry Mocha then spent the morning shopping (yes, again) even though I didnt buy a thing! In the afternoon I did a load of laundry and straightened the house
About 5:30, I headed to Georgetown to help out my aunt and uncle at a concert They sing Christian music around the country and I love to go when they are close by It was a fun night with a great crowd By the end of the night, they were almost completely out of their new CD and they had to be in PA by 2:00 Sunday afternoon for another concert (a 13 hr drive and it was already about past midnight) Since my car could make it back home much quicker than the big bus, my cousin Courtney and I hoppped in and took off for the 45 minute ride When we got to the house, we realized that we didnt have a key and every door was locked SO, being the brilliant blondes that we are we came up with plan We fetched the ladder from the wall in the garage, leaned it against the house and Courtney scurried up the ladder to the second floor balcony By the time she reached the top, we were laughing hysterically It was about 1:15 a.m. and I was sure the neighbors were going to call the cops on us, thinking someone was breaking into the house Courtney reached the top and fell onto the balcony, literally, Thankfully the door up there was unlocked We grabbed the boxes and "raced" back to the truck stop to meet the bus
One more problem... The man in the little white car with colorful lights on top didnt appreciate my racing I saw him following closely behind me but it was too late He actually pulled me over just as we were pulling into the truck stop I will never forget the look on Aunt Kims face as she was walking towards the bus and saw someone getting pulled over At first she was just a curious onlooker until she realized it was us! Later she told me that she was just sure Courtney was the one driving, which thankfully she wasnt (she has her permit) We all know she wouldnt have been speeding though, right Court? ;) I explained everything to him, pointing out the bus, the CD's in my back seat, the late hour etc. When he was headed back to his car to "do some checkin" Courtney reminded me that we forgot to tell him we had just finished breaking into a house SO, I called him back to my car... Just kidding! He was kind enough to give me a warning (yay!) Going 14 mph over the speed limit, I deserved a ticket but thank goodness for mercy! Anyways, we loaded the CDs up and they were on their way My only regret of the night is not having my camera!

Fun stuff!

I did find this picture of Courtney and I-partners in crime!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


For awhile now, my roommate and I saw the evidences of a mouse in the house I even had the priviledge of spotting the creature at one point The other night my friend Jamie set a mouse trap for us Last night, the life of the mouse was ended in one snap! It was exactly 12:41 when it all came to a head I had only been sleeping for about 20 minutes but I heard it go off I sprang up in my bed, at first having no idea what had caused the strange noiseI thought someone had come in my door but then after a couple of seconds, realized what had happened It only took my heart about 15 minutes to calm down so I could go back to sleep, and a little bit longer of me thinking I was going to have to take care of the thing in the morning

This morning I tiptoed around the corner into the kitchen, and bingo! The trap had done its job I took a papertowel grabbed the tail and threw the thing in the trash, trap and all Tada! I was going to take a picture of the poor thing but due to the graphic nature, thought it would be too much for small children and those with weak stomachs

We have softball tonight Our church made up 2 teams and is playing against another church on Tuesday nights Hopefully it doesnt rain

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Beach Vacation

Family vacation is a highlight of my year We have gone on 18 straight family vacations with all 6 of us (now 7 including my brother-in-law) We have gone to Gatlinburg TN, Pennsylvania, Virginia Beach VA, Wisonsin Dells, Florida, Branson MO, Mackinac Island MI, and Myrtle Beach The most recent being Myrtle Beach Here are just a few pics

Getting ready to drive a racecar at
Myrtle Beach Speedway

The balcony view from our place on the beach

Checking out the beach

My siblings

Relaxing after a morning of fishing

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

All new

I decided to start a blog I had been thinking about it for awhile I enjoy reading other people's blogs, especially family that I dont get to see much Im sure I wont be updating nearly as much as other certain persons but hopefully at least once a week