Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I have been tagged...

1) My favorite childhood memory is going on family vacations every year (which we still do)

2) I love Dillards (as much as one can love a place that takes your $$$!)

3) My 2nd favorite memory is going camping at Huston woods in the fall and bringing the horses Nothing like waking up to scrambled eggs and bacon fried over a fire

4) I own my "dream" car (Mitsubishi Eclipse)

5) Im taking an online class for Equine Massage Therapy (sooo..its taking me forever to complete but I havent given up...yet)

6) I very much dislike public speaking

7) New ambition: Learn how to play tennis I have always "hated" tennis because the only time I played I got hit in the face with the racquet We will see how it goes this time

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

This past weekend, Kyle, Jamie, Amy and I went to an outdoor drama up in Xenia, OH where they normally put on Blue Jacket The play was OK (I have seen better) but it was nice to do something outside before it gets too cold We stopped at Der Dutchman restaurant on the way Yummy!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Kentucky...Louisville to be exact

This weekend I went to National Quartet Convention with Amy and Jamie to watch Aunt Kim play the piano She played at Pianorama with Dino She also opened the concert on the main stage in the evening She got a huge standing ovation It was a beautiful day and quite enjoyable..and we didnt even get lost! (One year I went with a friend and we ended up in Lexington instead of Louisville..whoops!)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Just Fishing

The last two Saturdays I have gone fishing with friends, Jamie and Kyle Last weekend we went to a pond owned by a lady in our church but didnt have much luck This time we went to my aunt and uncles pond The first 30 minutes was pretty quiet but then some how the catfish came alive They really like hotdogs :) We caught at least 6 nice catfish and a couple of smaller bass and blue gill
The guys usually have at least 5 lines out at once which can get really confusing One time Kyle was fishing on the bank and had left a line out on the dock where Jamie and I were. Jamie and I saw it go under and we grabbed the pole as we were hollering for Kyle Jamie hooked it just about the time Kyle was rounding the corner of the dock, full speed ahead Next thing I know, Kyle is flat out on the dock with his legs hanging over one side of the dock and his hands trying desperately to grab onto something to keep from falling in Apparently the rain that we had gotten an hour earlier made things a little slippery I havent laughed that hard in a long time! All that trouble and it ended up getting off the hook before he could pull it in

We saw these deer as we were pulling up the long drive to the house so I took a quick picture before they ran off

Jamie caught one and was trying to pull it in towards the bank when it decided to swim around the post that was holding the dock up The guys were determined to not let it get away The pic of them laying on their stomachs with their heads in the water is their best attempt Needless to say, it also got away