Friday, February 11, 2011

6 months

Thanksgiving together

Christmas time

Playing the Wii at my sister's house

Beautiful silver standup Kitchen aid mixer...Christmas present from Jamie

Fun week night date...Applewood By the River Looved the fried mushrooms :)

He picks a good bouquet of flowers

At our first Red's game

Hanging out at my parents house

I started dating a wonderful guy 6 months ago. In some ways it seems forever because we have been friends for so long. In other ways, things are still NEW. It has been an incredibly fun journey!He is so sweet and good to me. Sometimes I wonder how I would "manage" my own house if he wasn't around to fix things, install appliances, etc. etc. Many times I have come home from work to find the leaves raked, snow time he even broke into my house and did the dishes. I don't deserve it!
I LOVE spending time with him and also love that he enjoys going home to my parents just as much as I do. He bought me a Kitchen aid mixer for Christmas..and I didn't even ask. He has EVEN gone shopping with me a few times (something I NEVER imagined I would do with my boyfriend LOL) He is truly my best friend!