Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finding the positives

Things I like about living alone:
1) I get the WHOLE pizza to myself! (Not that I eat it in one meal but the fact that I can if I want is the difference)
2) I never have to make my bed (who else is there to see it??)
3) I always know what food I have in the pantry
4) If the dishes sit in the sink for a day (or 3), who cares?
5) I always know when I am about out of TP
6) I can take a 15 minute shower and not feel guilty
7) I can put on my PJs when I walk in the door from work and not get any strange looks
8) No keeping track of who is supposed to be home when, etc.
9) I can buy a new couch without checking to make sure it passes someone else's inspection (see new couch below)
10) Leftovers!!! (which I happen to really like)
I would do a post of things I don't like but that would take too long :)

Mom and Dad came down for the weekend. Dad had to go to a conference nearby so mom and I went shopping all was a lot of fun. They brought Dudley along...he was a good shopping buddy.