Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I am…ready for the summer weather to get here
I visit Australia some day
I have…a purple car
I wish…it was time for vacation
I hate…rush hour
I miss…living in the country
I fear…giant rats
I feel…like going for a long run right now
I hear…laughter
I smell…honey roasted peanuts
I crave...a double cheeseburger from McDonalds
I search...the clearance racks first!
I wonder…if its going to rain this weekend
I so much (kinda!)
I love…Ghiradelli chocolate
I ache...through my abs, I did some sit ups last night
I always…set two alarms
I am not…an outgoing person
I dance...on pay day(ok not really, but i feel like it sometime)
I sing…in my car and church..thats just about it
I cry...when other people are hurting
I don’t always…look around for the cheapest gas station..that needs to change now
I fight...for the last slice of mushroom/pineapple pizza
I write…lists to keep myself organized
I never…go anywhere without my phone (probably a bad habit)
I listen…to a fan at night in the summer-helps me fall asleep faster
I need...a tall White Chocolate Mocha
I am happy…that this "I" survey is over :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Youth Show, Columbus OH

This was Ally's last year to participate at the youth horse show in Columbus OH so I went down there for Friday and a little of Saturday Dan and Ally did really well

Getting Dan cleaned up before a class
Dan getting some hydration for a long day

Dan's snack-a lollipop

A truck at the show I was considering (not) buying

Sunday, May 11, 2008

What I have been up too

I finally got the (hopefully) last picture for my room and Im done decorating Its taken me awhile because I lost motivation to do it after awhile I got the giant boot picture I have above my bed at Hobby Lobby I think it fits my western theme perfectly and adds some color

When I was home, Ally and I decided to go mushroom hunting...alone This is what we found :)

My new hobby...hopefully I have only played a couple of times but Mary and I are planning on playing a bunch this summer
A peanut butter pie I made for a carry-in at work
My new cookbook Mary (roommate) was laughing at me the other night b/c I was using it as reading material before I went to sleep It looks to have a bunch of easy recipes that call for "normal" ingredients :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Not as easy as you might think
Where is your cell phone? desk
Your significant other? noidea :P
Your hair? up
Your mother? wonderful
Your father? hilarious
Your favorite thing? pizza
Your dream last night? scary
Your favorite drink? RootBeer
Your dream/goal? kids
The room you're in? work
Your hobby? shopping
Your fear? drowning
Where do you want to be in 6 years? married
Where were you last night? work
What you're not? outgoing
One of your wish list items? truck
Where you grew up? Dawn
The last exciting thing you did? umm
Your life? good
Your mood? undecided
Your car? purble
Something you're not wearing: hat
Favorite store? Dillards
Your summer? vacation
Your favorite color? green
Favorite vacation spot? beach