Monday, August 11, 2008

State Fair

Ally showed Dan the Man at state fair in Columbus 2 weeks ago. I went down there for two days, especially since its her last time to show at state. She did really well. She also showed Wednesday at a quarter horse show on the grounds. She got high point and won a brand new saddle. Not bad!Breakfast in the barn Our yummy cheesecake.
Quick story: I got there on Wednesday night which was the same day Cheesecake Factory was having cheesecake for $1.50. a slice..any kind! They normally range from $6-$7 a slice. Sooo..we only had to wait about 2 hours! And that was after it took me 10 minutes to find a parking spot..and 20 minutes to walk there after parking WAY to far away. Ally was about to kill me. It was worth it...almost.
This is serious stuff! :)

I had to snap this picture of the judge...guess he got tired of standing!

Mom was trying to get a pic of me, Ally and Dan, but Dan would not look at the camera. He kept trying to eat my turkey leg and drink my sweet tea!