Thursday, November 19, 2009

My favorite season..fall!

Bilko growing up!

I LOVE hoody weather and it's that time of year again! Wohoo!
I already have my Christmas tree up...BUT before you think ill thoughts towards me for skipping Thanksgiving. hear me out. I use my moms tree that she bought a couple of years ago and never uses. My parents brought it down last weekend and I don't have anywhere to store it so I went ahead and set it up. I don't have any lights on it yet. Thats the fun part but I am waiting until after Thanksgiving.
I started playing soccer again. Tonight is the 3rd game for "Team Shankapotamus". Having lots of fun and its great exercise.
I bought a new stove this first appliance purchase since I bought the house. Can't wait to get it and start baking and cooking lots of yummy food! (Guess I better keep playing soccer:)
I don't have any pictures of the stuff I just talked about but a post is MUCH more interesting when there are pictures so I found a couple from the last couple of weeks of my life.
A star I got from Flower Factory (I didnt' have a ladder so I had to hang out the window to drive in the nail:)
I am going to be an AUNT....and no Brent isn't pregnant!!!
A strawberry cake I made one evening when I got off work early (love when that happens!)

Off to SOCCER!